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What size paper cup do you want? What’s the difference between ounce and milliliter in paper cups?

Abstract: Due to the safety, convenience and environmental protection characteristics of paper cups, disposable paper cups are more and more widely used in our daily life. But when you want to customize the paper cup fan or buy disposable paper cups. You must know the capacity of the paper cups so that you can accurately choose the right products which what you want.


1. The relationship between ounces and milliliters in paper cups

What do the ounces and milliliters mean? How many milliliters is one ounce equal to? In fact, it is very simple. The so-called ounces and milliliters are expressions of how much water a cup can hold. Milliliter is a unit of volume and its symbol is ml. An ounce is a unit of weight and a unit of capacity, and the symbol is oz.
UK fluid ounce 1oz≈28.41mL
US fluid ounce 1oz≈ 29.57mL
Therefore, for the ratio of disposable paper cups, the larger the capacity of the disposable paper cup and the larger the ounce value, the more liquid it can hold.

2. Common paper cup specifications on the market


Paper Cup Capacity Upper Diameter Bottom Diameter Height
2oz 60ml 50mm 35mm 50mm
3oz 80ml 55mm 40mm 57mm
4oz 110ml 68mm 49mm 58mm
5oz 160ml 66mm 47mm 74mm
6oz 180ml 70mm 52mm 70mm
7oz 200ml 73mm 51mm 81mm
9oz 250ml 75mm 53mm 90mm
10oz 280ml 72mm 62mm 90mm
12oz 360ml 79mm 52mm 112mm
14oz 400ml 90mm 58mm 112mm
16oz 500ml 90mm 58mm 130mm
22oz 700ml 90mm 60mm 170mm

3. Applications of paper cup:

Tasting paper cup: 2oz (60ml) to 4oz (120ml) is mainly used for tasting cups, which we see in supermarkets and tea art shops. Generally, the small paper cups for drinking or tasting that are common in supermarkets are of this type)

6oz (180ml), the size of paper cups commonly used in homes and offices. The main specification of paper cups sold in supermarkets, and can also be used as small size cup of coffee shop.

Advertisement cup: 6oz (180ml) to 9oz (250ml), mainly used for paper cups used in companies, banks or business halls, we generally call them advertising cups, and customize patterns on them to combine the practicability of the paper cups with the advertisements on the cup body Sex becomes one. It has strong practicality and aesthetics.

9oz (250ml), in daily life, the size of paper cups commonly used in families, and also the main size of paper cups sold in supermarkets)

Cups with a body capacity of 12oz (340ml) or more are mostly used in drinks shop such as coffee and milk tea shops. For example: 12oz (340ml), 16oz (ml), and 20oz (ml), respectively correspond to small size cups (12oz), medium size cups (16oz), and large cups (20oz) in drinks shops.


I believe that after reading this article, you must also have an understanding of the expression of the capacity of paper cups, and I believe you will definitely choose the appropriate paper cups and paper cup fans.
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Post time: Nov-16-2022