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PaperJoy visited SunPaper for exchange and learning, jointly exploring a new chapter of deep cooperation.

On April 3, 2024, under the meticulous organization of the company, a delegation from PaperJoy embarked on a visit and learning journey to SunPaper in Shandong. The purpose of this activity is to draw on SunPaper’s advanced experience in production technology, equipment, and corporate culture, injecting new vitality into the further development of PaperJoy.

Warmly welcomed by the SunPaper team, the delegation from PaperJoy toured SunPaper’s production line. They witnessed firsthand the meticulous production process from raw materials to finished products, experiencing SunPaper’s leading position in production technology and equipment. The advanced production equipment, superb technical strength, and strict quality control impressed the PaperJoy delegation, who highly praised SunPaper’s strength.

To gain a deeper understanding of SunPaper’s corporate culture, the PaperJoy delegation also visited the SunPaper Cultural Exhibition Hall. Here, they experienced the unique charm of SunPaper in inheriting and promoting corporate culture. SunPaper’s corporate culture provided valuable insights for PaperJoy and strengthened the confidence of both parties in enhancing cooperation.

During the exchange and learning process, both sides engaged in in-depth and friendly discussions. They delved into market trends, technological innovation, environmental policies, and other aspects of the papermaking industry, reaching broad consensus. In the future, PaperJoy and SunPaper will further strengthen communication and cooperation, jointly tackle market challenges, and provide customers with higher quality solutions.

This visit and learning experience brought valuable lessons and insights to PaperJoy. PaperJoy will take this opportunity to continuously improve its own strength, strengthen cooperation with outstanding enterprises in the industry, and contribute to the sustainable development of the papermaking industry.

Looking ahead, the cooperation between PaperJoy and SunPaper will deepen and expand further. Both parties will join hands to jointly create a new chapter in the development of the paper industry, providing customers with higher quality PE coated paper products and services, and achieving mutual development.


Post time: Apr-12-2024